13 Things You Should Know Before You Japa AKA Relocate

13 Things You Should Know Before You Japa AKA Relocate

By Kyshi  •  October 02, 2022  •  mins

With the rising rate of relocation and people seeking greener pastures abroad. We thought to share some tips to help with the relocation process as we don’t want you learning the hard way

  • Getting a job as a student is not as easy as they say so you might want to start looking for a job some months before you relocate. 

  • It is advisable you save some money to keep you afloat for at least the first 3 months just in case you don't get a job immediately. 

  • If you are a student, you can earn while you learn by becoming an Affiliate of Kyshi. For enquiries, email

  • Everyone needs a support system. It’s advisable you move to a city with familiar people, readily available to help you when you need help. 

  • Research on the area you would be living or schooling in. Learn about the weather climate,  standard of living and the community at large. 

  • Instead of changing all your money and risk losing it. Leverage the cashless system by using the Kyshi App to swap currencies and transfer money  to your international bank account for FREE. You don’t have a bank account? Worry not, your Kyshi wallet is as good as one. You can open a NGN wallet on Kyshi and when you get to your new Country, once settled with a permanent address, you can open a foreign account with Kyshi (GBP or whichever currencies we have available). You can then bank yourself both at home and in your new country of residence on the same cool is that???? 

  • Tax is a big deal. The extent of this is dependent on the tax law of  your country of residence. So research! 

  • The days of paying for rent yearly are over. Rent is mostly paid monthly.

  • If you’re a baller and would be purchasing a home in your new country, it is important for Anti-money laundering purposes and checks by lawyers that you can provide and confirm your source of wealth. As Kyshi is a Money services business, you’re covered here as sending money through Kyshi rather than random intermediaries. You may not know their source of wealth, if it's clean or not and this may put your purchase at risk, as the lawyers won’t accept unverified sources. Kyshi is a regulated business so they can trust that you’ve received money from a service provider like Kyshi.

  • There is dignity in labour as artisans aren’t paid meager wages, in fact they are paid pretty well and they charge per hour. So if you can't afford to pay so much, you might want to learn key handiwork before relocating. 

  • For your heart rate/peace of mind don’t make the mistake of always trying to convert things to Naira. It would end in tears.

  • If you are dependent on the Bank of Mum and Dad for pocket money, you should get them to use Kyshi so you can receive money in no time. Let them #KyshiYourAccount in seconds!!

  • We would like to help cushion your relocation expenses. So why not stand a chance to win a Free Back to School ticket to London by Kyshi in partnership with TravelStart. Valid from September 1 - September 17, 2021. 


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