Express: Your Runway To Irresistible Exchange Rates On Kyshi

Express: Your Runway To Irresistible Exchange Rates On Kyshi

By Godspower Ukachi  •  April 24, 2024  •  2 minute read mins

“Sending money from the UK back home has become a Herculian task. These days, I can't even conveniently send GBP across to my parents and siblings in Africa anymore. You know how we always face black tax here in the UK; my parents often think I don't want to send them enough money. They just never understand that exchange rates are never friendly, transfer fees are crazy, and it takes forever for the money to deliver.”

I went to visit my Ghanian friend Kwasi and these were his rants as we left his apartment. Later that day on my way to the train station, I met Jane, my everly cheerful and lively Nigerian friend. 

As we chatted on how the week had been, the conversation led to how she had been unable to send money to her mom’s Nigerian local and domiciliary accounts due to delays, high rates, and exorbitant fees. She sounded so pained that I felt really bad for her. I had never seen Jane complain this bitterly. 

There are many other people like Kwasi and Jane who are frustrated by unfavourable exchange rates and delays when trying to send money back home. However, while these people keep complaining, there are others who do not. Yes, because they use Kyshi Express. 


Express is a feature on Kyshi's marketplace that allows you to quickly send GBP from as low as £20 to your loved ones in Nigeria and over 20 African countries at competitive rates in just seconds.

The new beautiful part about Express is that as a Nigerian, you can now instantly fund any local Naira bank account or Nigerian USD domiciliary account from the UK without having to create or accept an offer. Speaking of Naira accounts, read below to see how Express works when sending GBP to your Naira bank account.

How Express Works For GBP-NGN Transactions

When you send between £20 to £49.9, your money will be processed as an Express transaction. This means that you don’t have to worry about setting a rate or accepting an offer, because it will be at Kyshi’s competitive rates. More so, your money gets delivered instantly.

However, when sending from £50 upwards, you will have the option to choose between Express (at Kyshi’s rate) or Swap (at your own rate).

Now, how do you use Kyshi’s Express feature? It is pretty simple. Let’s walk you through the steps.

How To Use Express

Step 1: The first step to using Express is to log into the Kyshi app, select GBP as your send currency, and choose your receive currency (any supported African currency) on your home screen.

Step 2: Enter your transfer amount and “Continue to transfer” (with Express)

Step 3: Once done, input your beneficiary details and complete your transfer


After I told Kwasi about Kyshi Express and how it works, he tried it out a few days later and couldn't contain his joy. In his words, he said, “Express is seamless and reliable with sweet rates.” I have also informed Jane. Waiting for her response– but I know she’ll love it. No one deserves to stress over sending funds back home to their loved ones in Africa.

And for you my dear reader who would also want to enjoy fantastic rates while you send money to your loved ones,  download the Kyshi app today and use start using Express.



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