Resumption Tips For Students

Resumption Tips For Students

By Godspower Ukachi  •  April 24, 2024  •  2 minute read mins

School resumption can be hectic and demanding. This is why students need to prepare as early as possible to avoid last minute rush and bottle necks. We have put together a few tips that could help;

1. Adjust some holiday habits like sleep times, screen times & play times

The holiday can be quite relaxing; your bedtime routine is flexible, you can attend as many events and concerts as you wish, you can binge all your favourite shows *GOT: House of the Dragon* somebody 🙌, etc. So switching back to school mode after a long holiday isn’t very easy. You don’t want to struggle balancing school activities with your personal life. So you should consider adjusting how much time you spend on your screen, playing hours, bedtime routine, and other personal activities.

2. Gather your school supplies early enough

School supplies to students are as important as cash. Most times, schools resume and start every academic-related activity simultaneously. You don't want to wait till the back-to-school rush begins before you gather your supplies. So, you have to get all the items you need ready before resumption.

3. Always check your mail and community groups for updates and schedules

Academic institutions use emails and online platforms/communities to disseminate important information on new features, schedules, etc to students. To  adequately prepare for the new school session, you’d need to check these outlets regularly. You can also raise concerns and get answers through these communities.

4. Prepare enough funds before resumption so you don’t get hooked

Funds are virtually everything a student needs, and resumption periods come with monetary demands. You do not want to get hooked early in the semester because of a lack of funds. This is why you should get enough money before the first day of resumption. 

Remember that while you save money, you can seek financial aid from financial institutions. Ensure to get something substantial enough to cover you over a long period. You can swap your currency without stress on Kyshi. Kyshi allows you to exchange GBP for NGN at your own rates with a 1% fee.

5. Ensure that you are at optimal health

The holidays can be overwhelming with its own turn around of events. People often get sick or unhealthy without being aware, and there's no best time in the semester to get sick or take a long break from school work. This is why you should ensure to go for medical checkups and be certified healthy before you resume for the new school session.

6. Start setting goals

Goal-setting is an essential practice of every student. It is an effective way for students to achieve optimal results with speed. So, you can start setting your goals for the new school resumption and ensure to work towards them as much as you can.

7. Review your past performances and spot your weaknesses

Rome was not built in one day, and mistakes are vital events for humans. According to Nikki Giovanni, mistakes are part of life's facts, however, it's our response to errors that matter. One effective way to grow is to honestly review one's self and tackle weaknesses. So, you need to take your time studying what the previous study periods have been like for you and devise new strategies to get better.

8. Enjoy discounted travels

If you stay far away from school or you go out of town to see some friends or loved ones, you can take advantage of discounted fares on public transportation. You can also enjoy this privilege during the semester when you visit other schools or take a tour round town.


It is normal to have mixed feelings or not just feel like getting back to school after a long break. But you just have to resume and hit your academic goals, right? Start working with sticky notes and writing out your schedules to help you adequately prepare for school. We hope these curated tips help as well!

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