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How To Buy Internet Data In Nigeria With Kyshi Connect

We have partnered with Seerbit, a pan-African payment platform, to allow you to buy internet data at discounts for any valid Nigerian phone number on MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9-mobile networks.

You need to create and fund at least one wallet (USD, GBP, or NGN) on the Kyshi app to be able to purchase internet data with Kyshi Connect. 

If you purchase with your NGN wallet, you will be debited the value of the internet data in Naira. But if you are purchasing with a GBP or USD wallet, you will be debited in the equivalent currency at Kyshi's rate. So you need not to worry about rates and costs if you are buying internet data with a USD or GBP wallet.

How To Buy Internet Data With Your Kyshi Wallet 

Follow these steps to buy mobile data on Kyshi with your Kyshi wallet:

  • Select the mobile service provider - MTN, Glo, Airtel or 9-mobile

  • Provide the Nigerian phone number to be credited either by input or by selecting from your contact list (permission required)

  • Select from a dropdown the preferred data plan offered by the provider

  • See the price for the data plan (You will see the GBP/USD equivalent if you are not paying with your NGN wallet)

  • Checkout by confirming the details and providing Kyshi PIN  (Total to pay may be less than topup amount based on discount as a Kyshi Connect product).

The provided Nigerian phone number would be topped up with the data bundle instantly.

Note that you can purchase internet data on Kyshi with any of your Kyshi wallets.

If you experience any issue, please contact Kyshi Support.
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