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How To Ship Items Globally With Kyshi Connect

At Kyshi, we are committed to helping Africans easily transact and perform activities to improve their wellbeing. In a bid to fulfil this vision, we have partnered with Shiip, a global shipping solution to help you send items to anywhere in the world. This allows you to support your loved ones and do business quickly and more conveniently.

How To Ship Items Globally With Kyshi

The first criterion for shipping items on Kyshi is to create a Kyshi account. You can set up your own Kyshi account in a few minutes. Then you proceed to activate an NGN/GBP wallet on the App and fund it.

Now, you can ship your desired item easily. See how to ship items on Kyshi;

  1. Log into the Kyshi App, click “Kyshi Connect” and select “Shipping.”

  2. Select International shipping or Local delivery.

  3. Enter the pickup location with your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Phone Number.

  4. Enter the item’s destination with the recipient’s First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Phone Number.

  5. Click “Add item” and provide details on the item you want to ship by entering every detail requested of the package, including the description, shipping category, quantity, weight, etc.

  6. Proceed to confirm the shipping summary and choose a wallet to pay with - GBP or NGN.

  7. Choose a suitable courier provider and complete the transaction.

Once done, you will receive a message in-app and via email indicating that your shipment order is successful. You can also check your recent shipments in the app.


1. Can I View My Shipments On The Kyshi App?

To view your shipments on the Kyshi app,

  1. Log into the app and click on Kyshi Connect.

  2. Select “Shipping” to see the last 3 recent shipments. Click anyone to see its details or “See More” to view others.

2. Can I Cancel A Shipment On The Kyshi App?

You can cancel any shipment and get a full refund on the app, so far your order is still on the “Pending” status. To cancel your shipment on the Kyshi app;

  1. Open Kyshi Connect and select “Shipping”

  2. Select the shipment and click “Cancel Shipping”

The shipment status will change from “Pending” to “Cancelled” and you will get a refund.

3. What Is The Service Charge For Shipping?

The service charge for shipping on Kyshi is £5/$5/CAD $5/N5,000 on orders £50/$50/CAD 50/N50,000 or less in value. However, for orders greater in value, the service charge is 10%.

4. Is There Cashback For Shipping On Kyshi?

You will always get a 5% cashback on Kyshi whenever you ship items with Kyshi. You will get the cashback once the shipping status reads “Complete”.

5. Can I Track My Shipment On The Kyshi App?

Yes, once your shipping order is confirmed, you will receive a tracking number via email from our partner; Shiip, with details on how to track your package delivery.

6. Do I Need A Wallet To Ship On Kyshi?

Yes, you need to have at least one funded active wallet to order and pay for shipping of any item. Once you pay, you will be debited at Kyshi’s rate.

7. Is Shipping On Kyshi Limited To Nigeria And The UK?

No. Shipping on Kyshi is not limited to just Nigeria and the UK. With Kyshi, you can ship from 21 countries directly into Nigeria and from Nigeria to over 220 countries.

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